small double roller fertilizer press granulator ordered by Malaysian customer


The production of double roller fertilizer press granulator has formed a trend. From the utilization rate, we can see that the quality of roll-to-roll extrusion granulator equipment is absolutely excellent. If you want to purchase double roller fertilizer press granulator and other organic fertilizer equipment to start the production of organic fertilizer, then contact us.

Yesterday, the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator ordered by Malaysian customers completed acceptance check and shipment in packages. Malaysian customers consulted us about roll extrusion granulator one month ago by email. They recognized our products very well. The quality of fertilizer equipment we produced was high and the price was favorable. Customers smoothly signed an order contract with us. And we consulted some maintenance measures about the roller granulating fertilizer machine.


What are the advantages of our company’s double roller fertilizer granulator?
1, the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator adopts granulation, molding and sieving into one, which makes it have beautiful appearance, simple operation and low energy consumption.
2, the main components, such as the pressure roller, are made of a new type of metal with anti-corrosion, wear resistance and impact resistance.
3, our production of the roll extrusion fertilizer granulator greatly improves the service life of rolling bearings and large shafts
4. The transmission part adopts double input transmission mode, which not only improves the input power ratio, but also ensures the lubrication and sealing performance of the transmission gear.
5, the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator for single raw materials: rare earth, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, phosphate fertilizer, monoammonium, potassium sulfate, salt and other raw materials processing and production have more special effects
6, perfect after-sales service guarantee


How to maintain the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator in summer?

1. double roller fertilizer press granulator is produced at high temperature in summer. We should clean up the dust on the equipment at any time. For internal garbage, remove the outer baffle for cleaning

2. When cleaning the interior, we should check the wear of bearing, screw, triangular liner, nozzle and other components as well as each bearing.

3. The maintenance of reducer is also very important.

4. The maintenance of roll granulator should also pay attention to the amount of oil, motor current, bearing heating and triangular belt running.

5. Roller granulator is produced outdoors. If there are conditions for proper sunscreen, it is suggested to build a simple shed to place the equipment, so as to avoid the sun exposure of the roller granulator.




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