Self Propelled Compost Turner for Fertilizer

1.Self propelled compost turner for fertilizer Capacity: 500-1000 m³ per hour
2.Raw Materials for fast fertilizer compost turner machine: animal manure, poultry manure, sludge, garbage, filter mud.
3.Applicated range of cow dung compost fertilizer turner machine : organic fertilizer production and environmental recycling
4.Advantage of fertilizer compost turner machine: little space required, easy operation, no need installation, easy transportation and large working capacity




Technical Parameter of Compost Turner Machinery for Fertilizer 


Zk-2000 ZK-2300


Stack Width

2000mm 2300mm


Stack Height

600-800mm 800-1200mm


Stack Spacing

0.5-0.8m 0.8-1m


Maximum Materials Size

250mm 250mm



30hp 51/62hp


Maximum Rotate Speed

2200r/min 2200r/min


Running speed

50m/min Forward 3 gear, back 1 gear 50m/min Forward 3 gear, back 1 gear

50m/min Forward 3 gear, back 1 gear


300-400m3/h 500-700m3/h



Introduction of Industrial Comost Turner for Fertilizer

Self Propelled Compost Turner for Fertilizer is the main machine in the organic fertilizer production. It adopts crawler belt drive design which only needs one person to drive and the operation is very easy.
When windrow compost turner for organic fertilizer starts to work, it straddles the strip-type compost heap and the rotary cutter shafts under the rack stir and mix the material. The operation can be completed not only in the open area but also in the workshop and greenhouse. One of the cow dung compost fertilizer turner machine ’s technical breakthroughs is to integrate the crushing function at the later stage of the material fermentation. With the continuous dehydration of the material, the cutter shafts can effectively crush the caking formed during the fertilizer fermentation. Thus the production does not need to equip an additional crusher, the crushing efficiency is greatly improved and the cost is largely reduced.

fertilizer compost turner machine

Features of Crawler type compost turner

1.Advanced drum design in fertilizer compost turner machine ensures variable drum speed and maximum aeration, CO2 release.
2.Reasonable knife structure makes average blending,crushing effect and fertilizer self-propelled compost turner for sale is simple to maintain.
3.Professional manufacturing craftsmanship,standard spare parts-convenient to fix or change.
4.Adjustable turning capacity 400-1000m³/h in reasonable fertilizer compost windrow turner price
5.Small space occupation, flexible button to raise or lower down turner drums of waste organics fertilizer compost turner machine.


Application of Bio Fertilizer Compost Turner Machine

1) Small fertilizer compost windrow turner is used in organic fertilizer production line, sludge waste plants, chicken manure manufacturing process, horticulture spots and mushroom plants.
2) Fast fertilizer compost turner machiner is used in solving animal manure, daily life garbage, sludge waste, sugar mill filtered mud and agricultural wastes recycling.

fertilizer self-propelled compost turner for sale

FAQ of Organic Fertilizer Waste Compost Turner Machine

Q: How often do I compost in cow manure compost turner machine for bio organic fertilizer ?
A: usually one time one day. If the temperature in your place is high, two times will be OK.
Q: How long will the compost complete ?
A: Always commercial compost turner for fertilizer runs in 7-10 days’ composting. Or you can check if the smell is turning good and moisture will be low, then it will be OK.
Q: what are the requirements for the compost ?
A: materials size should be under 250mm and moisture content should be under 70%, then compost fertilizer turner machine can work.

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