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compost turner machine

our organic fertilizer compost turner machine, includes groove type compost turner and hydraulic compost turner, crawler type compost windrow turner, is the most widely-used as aerobic fermentation compost machine and compost turner machine for sale. The groove type compost turner machine price is the most popular compost making machine. The groove type compost turning machine costs less than chain type turner machine for composting, and its turning depth can reach 2 meters, which is deeper than crawler type windrow turner.


Specifications of Fertilizer compost turner machine for sale

Model Motor(kw) Work Speed


Non Load Speed(m/h) Fermentation Tank Size


Dimension(mm) stirring Height


FJC3000 15+1.1+3+1.1 60 100 300×1550 367×2120×2540 800-900
FJC4000 18.5+1.1+3+1.1 60 100 400×1550 467×2120×2540 800-900
FJC5000 18.5+1.1+3+1.1 60 100 500×1550 6670×2120×2540 800-900


Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Groove Type Compost Turner

our organic fertilizer groove type compost turner machine, includes groove type compost turner and groove type hydraulic compost turner, is the most widely-used as aerobic fermentation compost machine and compost turning equipment. The organic fertilizer waste compost turner machine includes walking fermentation groove, walking track, turning teeth, power-pick device and other parts. The working portion of the compost windrow turner machine adopts advanced roller drive. There are adjustable type and non-adjustable type for choice. The groove type compost windrow turner is widely used for dealing with animal manure, household garbage, sludge, crop stalks and other organic wastes, and also can be used in feed fermentation.

groove compost turner
groove compost turner

Features of Fertilizer Compost Windrow Turner

1.The operation span of the Lane Turner is four to twelve meters and the fermentation period is about 7-12 days. The length of the fermentation groove depends on the particular condition. The feeding and discharging of the material can be done at the same time. The compost turner can raise the augers and fast move to another working area after it finishes one section.
2.The innovation point of this compost making machine is to take full advantage of underground space to design deep tank and adopt long-distance composting technology. It makes large-scale innocent treatment of organic waste in limited space come true.
3.It has a compact structure and advanced technology. It adopts unique groove type continuous aerobic fermentation technology to decompose, anhydrate, sterilize and deodorize organic waste and achieve innocent treatment, resourceful treatment and minimization treatment. Besides, it has advantages such as stable product quality and low energy consumption and so on.
4.The groove type compost turning processing of the fermentative material is under intelligentialized auto-control. With the action of lengthways and sideways walking gear, fermentative material is turned over in the tank so that the aerobic fermentation can be completed well.
5.The electronic control system of the organic fertilizer compost windrow turner is advanced and reliable. It is easy to operate and equipped with remote control. After the main engine runs, turn spin button to “automatic”, the compost turner will start to work. When it sideways moves to one side, the compost turner will stop moving after touching the limit switch. The compost turner lengthways moves three to five seconds, then sideways moves to the opposite side. This cyclic process achieves the desired effect for compost turning and oxygenating.

fermentation turner

As for the groove type hydraulic compost windrow turner, except for all features mentioned above, it is manufactured with an additional hydraulic pressure device, with advantages as follows:
● Hydraulic control system is adopted when manufacturing, by which the organic materials are turned up and down, and mixed with microbial agents more evenly. To some extent, it ensures that every detailed parts in the organic materials are fully contacted with air, hastening the decomposition speed.
● Electricity saving, and long service life. In some areas, the power shortage situation still hasn’t been eased, so customers are prone to choose a more electricity-saving compost turner. Then our groove type hydraulic organic fertilizer compost turner machine will be your best choice.

Working Principle of Organic Fertilizer Compost Windrow Turner

1.This organic fertilizer compost turner adopts an integrated structure which consists of reduction drive, material throwing device, walking wheels, walking vehicle. The stand-by work unit is placed on the walking vehicle. There are walking tracks on the fermentation tank. When the machines start to work, the walking vehicle carries the work unit to the fermentation tank to deal with the material. The groove type compost turner is equipped with manual or intelligent time control system to control the work unit.
2.Under the operation of vertically and horizontally walking gear, the high-speed disc harrows throw the fermentative materials up, then fall to the ground and the material shift. The fermented material is carried away and the space is cleared for the material requiring fermentation. Thus a complete fermentation process is formed.
3.The electromotor of the organic fertilizer compost turner machine transfers the power to cycloidal pin wheel speed reducer then to the roller. The stirring blades in the roller are spiral so that the materials in the fermentation tank can be enough stirred and shifted which makes the materials fully catch air and the ferment effect will be better.

compost turner
compost turner

Process of Organic Compost Fertilizer Making Machine

1. Pre-processing of organic wastes

The goals of pre-processing include reducing the size of brush, creating a homogeneous mix, and ensuring that compost mixes have acceptable C:N ratios and moisture levels.
All systems aim to control and/or optimise compost production by manipulating temperature, oxygen and moisture during composting. Another important control over compost quality is achieved by the selection, pre-treatment and proper mixture of ingredients based on the ration of carbon to nitrogen (C: N ratio) in the input materials prior to composting.

◇ Removal of any rubbish contaminating the feedstock.
◇ It may require chipping or grinding by organic waste crusher machine if mixed with compostable products like green wastes, food wastes, agriculture wastes etc.
◇ Mixing of crushed raw material with a bucket loader: Management of the composting process initially requires the proper mixture of ingredients based on the ration of carbon to nitrogen (C: N ratio) in the input materials. In windrow composting a mixture of raw organic material is placed in elongated trapezoidal piles called windrows, and then repeatedly turned by compost turner before being placed in the biological phase area.
◇ Bulking agents: A bulking agent is a carbon-rich material added to a compost mix to enhance air flow or convection through the windrow. Commonly used materials include wood chips, leaves, sawdust, cornstalks or straw.

2.Composting process

There are many widely-used composting systems, such as in-vessel composting, in-channel composting, windrow composting etc.  Here GATE Fertilizer Machinery will introduce in-channel composting technology and windrow composting system.

compost turner machine
compost turner machine

Compost Groove Design: The material to be treated (usually animal manure: cow dung, chicken manure, horse manure, pig manure etc.) is placed between 2 long parallel walls, whereas in most cases the facility is housed inside a building. The walls vary in height from 1-3m (for the same reasons that windrows are normally constructed to that height) with a distance of approximately 6m apart from each wall, whereas the piles are about 50m long. Wood chips are used as a bulking agent with straw added to the manure as a carbon source.

Compost Turning: The air is introduced within the organic mass through forced aeration or air suction, while at the same time the organic substrate is agitated with mechanical turning by groove type compost turner which is suspended above the bed or rides on rails along the top of the bed.


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