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Humus organic fertilizer is not pure humic acid, but a compound fertilizer which contains humus and organic soil fertilizer. As we all know, natural soil fertilizer is a mixture of decomposed organic matters, it has many nutrients that are vital to the plants’ growth.

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XLX is a national high-tech enterprise, awarded the "national synthetic ammonia industry leader of energy efficiency benchmarking enterprise" honorary title by the national ministry of industry and China petroleum and chemical association during 2011-2017for seven years.XLX achieves zero wastewater discharge and ultra-low emissions during production in the fertilizer industry.

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The inner surface of humic acid is large, and its adsorption force, cohesive force and colloidal dispersibility are good, and the cation exchange amount is large. The reactive groups in the humic acid structure, such as carboxyl groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, etc., make them acidic, hydrophilic, and adsorptive, and can form a chelate with certain metal ions.

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Commercial production means large-scale production, you need have some large-scale bio fertilizer production equipment. You can get 6t-8t bio fertilizer in one hour by using our bio organic fertilizer rotary drum churning granulator.

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Press Release At 2.5% CAGR, Humic Acid Fertilizer Market Size is expected to reach 9600 million USD in 2024


ARTICLES / HUMIC ACID PRODUCTION METHODS FROM LEONARDITE SOURCE. Organic substances is just leonardite, a product of nature, derived from mountains of New Mexico in America and contain high amounts of folic acid and humic acid (40 to 60%) and more than 40 kinds of natural minerals such as iron – Aluminum – Potassium – Calcium – Sulfur – Sodium – Magnesium – Manganese – Zinc – Copper and etc.

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100 years ago, farmers used to put rich compost back into the soil as fertilizers. They used to rotate crops and let fields rest and heal. But since our food production system has become so commercialized, it’s no longer possible for farmers to put back nutrients into the soil on such a large scale. It’s also not economically feasible.

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Located at the foot of Mountain Tai, Shandong Agricultural University Fertilizer Sci & Tec Co. Ltd (SDAU) is a modern management of large-scale fertilizer company, the only one which specialized in production, research, sales, education as one economic entity in China.

Benefits of Organic-Inorganic Compound Fertilizer

In decades of years, inorganic fertilizer has been in large-scale application and dominates the fertilizer market. It is considered the most basic and important material input of agricultural production. However, inorganic fertilizer is long been debated for its bad influence on soil and environment.

About – Humic Land Organic Fertilizer

Humic Land is a 100% organic, concentrated organic fertilizer produced from natural black peat, based on innovative, certified technology. Humic Land consists of Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids and raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) creating a most productive and powerful acid in sustainable agriculture.



Technical Parameter of Organic Fertilizer Production Granulator Equipment


JCZ-60 JCZ-80 JCZ-100


37KW 55KW



1-2 T/H 2-4 T/H

5-8 T/H


4100*1600*1150mm 4250*1850*1300mm


Installation Angle

2°-2.5° 2°-2.5°


Inlet Moisture Content

20%-40% 20%-40%


Inlet Materials Size 50mesh 50mesh


Product Introduction of Fertilizer Making Granulator Machine

Bio Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine is also called wet fertilizer granulator or stirring tooth granulator. It can granulate a variety of organic matter, especially be able to granulate the coarse fiber material which is difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as crop straw, wine dregs, mushroom residue, drug residue, animal manure and so on. Also, organic fertilizer granulator machine has a good granulation effect on the humic acid, municipal sludge and other similar raw materials. The raw materials need not to be dried before granulation, after screwing, ball shape fertilizers will be out easily.

organic waste to fertilizer granulator machine

Features of Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator Equipment

1.High granulation rate, dense granularity. The ratio can be 90% above.
2.Wet raw materials are available processing, no need drying before granulating.
3.No binder need to add, materials inside will grow inlaid with each other under certain force from organic fertilizer granulator.
4.Perfect ball shape fertilizers, moisture 20%-40%.
5.Heavy seamless steel pipe ensure stable machine running in bio organic fertilizer granulator.

bio organic fertilizer granulator

Advantage of Fertilizer Granualtor Machine for Home

1.Widely raw materials processing, especially wet raw mateirals.
2.Energy saving, can be screened directly after organic waste to fertilizer granulator machine granulating.
3.High granulating rate, 90% above with reasonable fertilizer granulator machine price.
3.Hard granules in ball shape, good performance.
4.Stable machine running, easy operating and maintain.

fertilizer granulator machine price

Working Principle of Organic Fertilizer Production Granulator Machine

Composted materials can be sent to organic fertilizer production granulator machine with mixing. After materials enter into the machine through the feeding inlet, by the high speed rotating mechanical stirring force and aerodynamic force, the materials are mixed, granulated, spherified and densified in the machine, achieving the aim of granulation. The formed granules are pushed out in the other end of the home food waste to fertilizer granulator machine.
The diameter of the produced granules can be controlled by adjusting the quantity of the raw materials and rotating speed of main shaft. The less the raw materials mixed and the higher the rotating speed, the smaller the granulated fertilizer.

organic fertilizer granulator

FAQ of Home Food Waste to Fertilizer Granulator Machine

Q:what is the final fertilizer size from organic fertilizer production granulator machine ?

A: The final fertilizers are in ball shape. Final size will be 4-8 mm.

Q:what is the output moisture content ?
A: The final moisture content will be about 35% from fertilizer granule making granulator machine.

Q:what is the granulating ratio of home food waste to fertilizer granulator machine ?
A: The granulating ratio will be larger than 90%

Q:how long will these fertilizers store ?
A: if no drying, the store time will be 20-40 days. if drying, it will be 2-4 months

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