How is the straw crusher machine used for fertilizer granulation?


The straw pulverizer has a wide range of smashing, including wood chips, shavings, branches, wood chips and various crop straws, corn stalks, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut husks, sweet potatoes, gluten, wheat straw and so on. The straw powder crushed by the straw pulverizer does not produce temperature, does not change color, has simple structure and convenient operation. It can be operated by one person, and the processing range is wide. The raw materials are not limited by the length, and the length of the smashed straw powder can be adjusted.

Straw crusher is specially used to crush the leaves pruned by various trees, dry and wet bark and other materials. Straw crusher is based on the original branch crusher with mobile function, which can easily move the bark and leaf crusher to the site where the material is located for crushing. Straw crusher greatly reduces the material. Time and cost of transportation. Straw mill is mainly aimed at the smashing of garden crops such as twigs, flowers, vines and weeds. Straw mill can also act on poplar bark, Tung bark, fir bark, banana leaves, coconut leaves and other materials.


How does the straw crusher work?
The motor of the straw crusher drives the reducer through the bevel gear drive to drive the rotor shear plate for low speed rotation. After the material enters the straw crusher, it is evenly distributed in the space of the rotor shearing plate and the stator shearing plate. The material is crushed by the extrusion and shearing of the rotor shearing plate and the stator shearing plate of the straw crusher. After the crushing, the material is broken by the straw. The bottom of the machine is discharged. The straw crusher has reliable performance, simple operation and convenience. The equipment has a wide range of raw materials and can be adapted to the burning of crop stalks such as corn stalks, straw, peanut hulls, bean stalks and firewood.


Why use straw crusher for fertilizer granulation?
Straw crusher can crush corn stalk, straw, peanut peel, bean stalk, flower wood and other burning crop waste.The waste of crop straw is avoided, the environment is well protected, and the new energy for fertilizer production is effectively developed.The straw crusher will crush corn stalk, straw and other waste crops through crushing equipment. The raw materials after crushing can be turned into raw materials of organic fertilizer through fermentation, and then through a series of production processes such as mixing and crushing, and finally become organic fertilizer for use.It can be said that the straw crusher plays an important role in making organic fertilizer.

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