Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers for fertilizer


1.Fertilizer Single Shaft Mixers requires 3-5 mins mixing time for each batch.
2.Easy operation & Advanced design with non-blocking.
3.By using 3 layers helical ribbons with exccellent performance.
4.Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers for fertilizer using U-type mixing tank with open visiomn.




Technical parameter of Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers for fertilizer:

Model Power Stirring chamber thickness Reducer model Stirring speed Dimension
MSSJ-7030 11kw 4mm ZQ350-23.34 54r/min 4000*950*1600mm
Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers for fertilizer
Fertilizer single shaft mixer price
Single Shaft Paddle Mixers for fertilizer

The horizontal mixing fertilizer mixer is a new generation of Fertilizer Single Shaft Mixers of our company, which consists of transmission parts, double-layer screw stirrer and U-shaped barrel. The circular trough is equipped with a reverse “S” shaped blade. The main shaft is driven by the reducer and the “S” shaped blade is continuously rotated by the motor. The blade passes through the blade due to the gravity and particle size of the material. The beveling and swirling make the material mix quickly and evenly. It has high mixing uniformity and low residual amount, and is suitable for mixing feed, concentrated feed and additive premix.

The horizontal screw mixer for fertilizer adopts a novel rotor structure, and the small gap between the rotor and the bright body can be adjusted to near zero position, effectively reducing the amount of material residue; breaking large materials, making the overall structure more reasonable, beautiful appearance, operation and maintenance Convenience.

single shaft feed mixer for fertilizer
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Fertilizer single shaft mixer price

Structure of Single Shaft Paddle Mixers for fertilizer

1.Rack part: All working bodies of the machine are all fixed and fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is welded with excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict product certification and specific process requirements. Reach the purpose used by this machine;
2.Transmission connection part: The motor drives the belt pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to drive the spindle to rotate. The nylon reducer is used for the transmission reducer and the main part of the main machine. It is the gear and the transmission drive of the drive connector, which is convenient for assembly and maintenance.
3.Mixing and stirring part: It is transmitted to the main shaft by the transmission wheel through the pin coupling. The special spiral stirring blade welded on the main shaft rotates synchronously, and the material is evenly turned in the stirring chamber, so that the material can be fully mixed, thereby greatly reducing the residual amount of the material. After a period of mixing, the material flows out from a special discharge port below the body.

Single shaft fertilizer mixer
single shaft feed mixer for fertilizer

Main structural features of Fertilizer single shaft mixer price:

1.The ribbon type mixer has a compact structure, a large charging coefficient, a small space occupied by the device and a small working area, and is easy to clean. It can be uniformly mixed in a short time.

2.The contact parts of the materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, with good finish, convenient operation and maintenance, and meet GMP requirements.

3. The motor drives the agitator through the V-belt transmission through the V-belt. The rotation speed is obtained according to the quality of the material.

4. Discharge: Discharge directly under the tank.

5. The stirring shaft and the agitating pulp are made of stainless steel, and the agitating pulp is a ribbon shape.

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