Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine for Sale

1.Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine Capacity: 1-15 tons per hour
2.Raw Materials for Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine: chemical materials, mineral, organic materials
3.Applicated range of Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine: organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production
4.Advantage of Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine: multi-function; large capacity; anti-corrosion; high granulating ratio

Technical Parameter of Npk Fertilizer Machine Granuator


Powe (kw) Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Angle (°) Rotary Speed (r/min)




5.5 1200 4000 2-5 17



7.5 1500 4000 2-5 14



11 1500 6000 2-5 11.5



15 1800 7000 2-5 11.5



18.5 2000 8000 2-5 11



22 2200 8000 2-5 10


Introduction of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator Making Machine

Rotary Drum Granulator fertilizer is a critical machine in fertilizer production line. It is applied to cold and hot granulation in large and medium size compound fertilizer factory. By adding a certain number of water, steams and vapors, raw materials in the rotary drum will become uniformly humid during the granulation process. Then materials will be connect together and rolled into particles because of the drum rotating. The formed fertilizer particles are of 3-4mm in ball shape with no edge from Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine for sale.

Feature of Urea Fertilizer Granulator Machine

1.Easy operation and maintenance, stable working
High granulating rate: the granulation ratio can be 70% and strength is higher from npk fertilizer granulator machine.
2.Long service life: inning with anti-corrosive rubber engineering plastic which can better protect raw materials harm to the inner of drum
Large capacity with low power in good Compound Fertilizer granulator Machine Price.
3.Steam and liquid spraying available, pipe concluded

Advantage of Wet Fertilizer Granulator Equipment

1.High fertilizer granulation ratio, speed can be adjusted as granulating can be controlled from Inorganic Fertilizer Granulator Machine
2.Liquid and steam injecting easily, pipe and frame provided
3.Use anti-corrosive rubber engineering plastic as inner lining, better protect materials harm to the drum
4.Super quality steel and gear, stable working with low noise from good Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine manufacturer.
5.Rational shoveling plates equipped to help drum cleaning
6.Various materials testing for different formula fertilizer processing.

Working Principle of Wet Type Fertilizer Processing granulator Machine

Raw materials go into the Rotary Drum Granulator by conveyors. Then they will be better mixed and granulated with the constant rotating of drum. Materials will form one rolling bed and move along a certain path. Under the extrusion force and rolling, the powders will be one small particle with liquid injecting. These small particles will be the core and then attach other powders around to form the final granules. There is angle in drum installation. Granules will be out from outlet easily from npk fertilizer machine granulator.

FAQ of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Pellet Granulator Machine

1.What fertilizer can be processed in this machine ?
A: both organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers
2.If process urea in this machine, what can I do ?
A: boiler should be prepared and pipes should be equipped to transport the steam into the drum
3.what is the inner of the drum ?
A: we use rubber in the drum, if required, stainless steel can be changed.

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