Compound Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator

1. Double Roller Press Granulator Capacity: 0.8-3.5 tons per hour .
2. Dry Granulation Machine Raw Materials: Potassic fertilizers, Nitrogen fertilizers, Phosphate fertilizer.
3. Dry Type Granulation Machine Applicated range: Compound fertilizer production.
4. NPK Fertilizer Granulator Machine Advantage: small space, dry processing, low energy consumption, low investment

Technical Parameter of Roller Compactor Fertilizer Granulator





1t/h 1.5t/h 2t/h


Grantular Diameter


Grantulator Strenth


Granulation Rate


Material Moisture Content


Granulation Temperature

normal temputure


11kw 18.5kw 22kw


Roll Skin Size

150*220mm 150*300mm 185*300mm



1450*800*1450mm 1450*850*1500mm 1630*850*1650mm



Introduction of Roller Compact Granulator Machine Fertilizer

Compound Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It uses squeezing principle to form fertilizer particles with diameters of 3.5-10mm in one time. Double Roller Press Granulator has higher granulating ratio of over 95%. With no drying technology, materials will be pressed into ball shape to meet the requirements of compound fertilizer production. The shape and size of the ball socket on the roller shell can be customized by customer.

Feature of Fertilizer Roller Compactor Granulator

1.Easy operation and maintenance, no need installation for fertilizer roller granualtor machine.
2.Low energy consumption and no waste water or gas emission
3.Dry Type Granulation Machine works in dry granulation process, normal temperature granulating, one-step forming.
4.Press rollers adopt new metal which is resistant to corrosion, wear and impact.
5.Self spare parts manufacturing


Advantage of Roller Compact Granulator Fertilizer

1.Reasonable structure, NPK fertilizer granulator machine will be tested before transporting and roller will be polished in perfect using
2.High granulating ratio, higher than 95%
3.Wide application scope: no only for NPK fertilizer production, but for cat litter working
4.High granulating ratio, higher than 95%
5.No drying need in Dry Granulation Machine , simple working make big benefits
6.Environmental working, low energy consumption and no waste emission

Working Principle of Double Roller Granulator Fertilizer

This series of roller compactor granulator is extruded model, and its working principle is: Electromotor drive the belt and pulley, then it is transmitted to the driving shaft by the speed reducer, and by synchronizing the open gear with the passive shaft, achieving the working in the same direction. Material is added from the hopper, after the roll extrusion forming, demoulding pelletizing; and through a chain, the balls are transferred to the broken screen studio, sieving and isolate the finished products (the balls), then return to mix with new materials and granulate again.

FAQ of Fertilizer Roller Press Granulator

1.what is the required size and moisture content of the materials in Dry Type granulator Machine for fertilizer ?
A: moisture content should be in 2%-5% and size should be under 3mm
2.What is the life of the roller ?
A: To change the roller when you have used fertilizer dry granulator equipment for processing 800-1000 tons
3.What is the granulating ratio of this machine ?
A: the granulating ratio in fertilizer double roller extrusion granulator machine will be more than 90%

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