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our fertilizer equipment factory welcomed a group of Thai customers, who made their first inquiry in March, and expressed their desire to buy disc granulator, roller extruder granulator, gear mixer granulator, and inquired about the corresponding prices.

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Classification of Fertilizer Granualtor in Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer granulator machine is used to process powder materials into different shape granules. In general, fertilizer can be divided into compound(inorganic) fertilizers and organic fertilizers, so fertilizer granulator should be two kinds, NPK fertilizer granulator machine and organic fertilizer granulator machine.

Fertilizer Granulator

For bio-organic fertilizer granulator, the granulator machine can be disc granulator, new type fertilizer granulator, fertilizer mixing granulator and flat die fertilizer granulator; also for NPK compound fertilizer, the fertilizer granulator machine can be double roller fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator and disc type fertilizer granulator. As our experience, disc fertilizer granulator and rotary drum granulator can process both organic and inorganic fertilizer. All these fertilizer granulators from Gate Heavy Industry will be in good working efficiency, they fertilizer granulators will properly granulate the raw materials into required granule size and the granulation rate will be higher than 90% in the fertilizer granulator.

Product from Fertilizer Granulator

Raw Materials for Different Fertilizer Granules Making

In your fertilizer making, raw materials will be first factor to determine which kind of fertilizer granulator and plant line you will start. For example, if you have materials such as animal manure, agricultural wastes and sludge, then you should consider to process organic fertilizers, choose organic fertilizer granulators; of course, if you want to process inorganic fertilizers, then you should have the materials such as Urea, DAP, SAP, MOP, some rock or limestone, then you need to use inorganic fertilizer granulators. When you have determined the fertilizer you want to make, then the next step is to choose the suitable granulator.

Raw Materials for Fertilizer Granulator

What should be prepared on the raw materials before fertilizer granulator granulating ?

You know, everything should start in full preparation, also for fertilizer granulator granulating. The raw materials can not be into fertilizer granulator granulating directly, or it will bring harm to the fertilizer granulator machine and the final granules will be nutrients less.

Factory for Fertilizer Granulator

Materials preparation before organic fertilizer granulator granulating

As for organic fertilizers processing, there are several steps before granulator machine working and some equipment should be added before the fertilizer granulator machine.

Compost Turner Machine for Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing

Composting is one important part in organic fertilizer making. Refer to different situation in customer’s factory and raw materials, we Gate Heavy Industry has brought technology of series of compost turner machine for organic fertilizer processing using before fertilizer granulator.
Suggested on our experience, if customer want to work on animal manure with fertilizer granulator, they have large space but don’t want to make the foundation construction, organic fertilizer Crawler type compost turner is suitable for them; some customer want to have a stable working by electric driven to work on the fertilizer granulator, we suggest them to use Groove type comost turner for large scale organic fertilizer processing; if they have limited space and the capacity is not so high, chicken manure fertilizer Fermentation tank is good for their choosing before fertilizer granulator working.
As the best manufacturer for compost turner machine in Henan, we can provide the most suitable compost machines for small scale and large scale fertilizer factory using with fertilizer granulator.

Fertilizer Compost Turner

In our normal working, some customers have found that their raw materials are in high moisture content, this is not ok for fertilizer granulator working. Here one solid liquid separator should be added; sometimes, customers say their raw material are not easy to broken and then after composting, the materials will be in massive, this will also harm to the fertilizer granulator, we will equip high moisture fertilizer crusher and fertilizer chain crusher to help their good working.

Fertilizer Crusher Machine

Some customers also want to add NPK elements or micro elements before fertilizer granulator working, then one mixer machine is needed. For small capacity fertilizer granulator working, we usually suggest customer to use horizontal type mixer machine and flat pan mixer machine; for large capacity, one double shaft mixer machine is enough for the working before the fertilizer granulator working.

Fertilizer Mixer Machine

What should prepare before compound fertilizer making ?

Compound Fertilizer processing is different from organic fertilizer making. Before fertilizer granulator granulating, the first thing is to purchase all your required raw materials. Then find one lab to confirm the formula, maybe one is in 60%, one is in 20%, one is 15%…Then we usually suggest customer to equip one batch scale machine before fertilizer granulator, one material one batch and this machine will scale and load materials under formula guide. After batching, one mixer machine is essential for materials blending before fertilizer granulator working.

Automatic Batch Scale Machine

In other way, some customers just want to blend different materials together, we have bulk blending fertilizer plant line with factory supply.

Bulk Blending Plant Line

Dry Granulation Methods and Wet Granulation Methods

Granulation methods are always mentioned in compound fertilizer granulator processing. The important difference is the difference of the fertilizer granulator choosing.
For dry granulation, or no drying granulation, the raw material should be in moisture of 5%-10%, especially under 5%, after granulator granulating the final products will be better. As famous factory in fertilizer granulator machine manufacturing, we have suitable granulator machines to work in dry granulation method. The most suitable machine is double roller fertilizer granulator. One time granulating and the granulation rate will be higher than 93% in this fertilizer granulator machine. These good performances make Dry Type granulator Machine for fertilizer popular in developed countries. Final granule size will be 3-5mm in fertilizer granulator. One important thing is that fertilizer roller compactor granulator can not work in organic fertilizer granulating, the raw materials for organic fertilizer granulator making are too wet.

Special Dry Granulation Plant Line

For wet granulation, the meaning is obvious, raw materials are wet or we should add water during fertilizer granulator granulating. During all the granulators, just double roller granulator is dry type, for other granulators, they are wet type granulators. Wet granulation can be talked in both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer making. The common fertilizer granulator machines are disc type fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator machine and organic fertilizer mixing granulator. Final moisture content from these granulators will be 30%-35%. We always suggest customers to equip one dryer after wet granulation’s granulator working.

Special Wet Granulation Plant Design

Best Quality Granulator Machine from Gate Heavy Industry

Gate Heavy Industry Technology Company Limited has a long time experience in fertilizer granulator machine manufacturing and fertilizer plant line design. Located in Zhengzhou, which is the center of China, Gate machines have spread fertilizer granulators to near areas in China and out of China. And we have attracted lots of customer to invest on our fertilizer granulator machines and plant lines all over the world. Our purpose is to become the largest supplier of fertilizer granylator machines in China and want to build long terms cooperation with friends from different areas for fertilizer granulators. To accord with these aims, we have brought series of good quality fertilizer granulators for our customers:
Compound Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator by Gate Heavy Industry is the key granulator equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. This granulator’s press technology is widely used for compact dry type powder materials into granules. Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator uses squeezing principle to form fertilizer particles with diameters of 3.5-10mm in one time. Capacity from this granulator will be 0.8-3.5 tons per hour.

Double Roller Granulator

Factory Supply Bio Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine is also called wet fertilizer granulator or stirring tooth granulator. It can granulate a variety of organic matter, especially be able to granulate the coarse fiber material which is difficult to be granulated by normal granulators. The capacity in new type fertilizer granulator will be 1-10 tons per hour.

Organic Fertilizer Mixing Granulator

Rotary Drum Granulator fertilizer is a critical granulator machine in large capacity fertilizer production line. It is usually used to process urea and some other compound fertilizers in the granulator machine. The formed fertilizer particles from rotary drum granulator are of 3-4mm in ball shape with no edge.

Rotary Drum Granulator

Disc Granulator Machine for Fertilizer is widely used for producing round organic and compound fertilizer granules. With granulator pan’s rotating, granules will be out from small size to large size in the granulator. Disc pan fertilizer granulator is common using granulator machine in fertilizer factory and has a history of good working experience in fertilizer granulator using.

Disc granulator

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Flat Die Granulator is mainly used for granule processing in the (biological) organic fertilizer. This granulator can produce cylindrical granules directly without drying or crushing process which saves a lot of energy. Forming the granules at one time in flat die fertilizer granulator, no returning particles, high granulation ratios.

Flat Die Granulator

Why need granulating ?

In fertilizer market, there are two common shape fertilizer, powders and granules. The advantages of granule fertilizers are easy transportation, long time store, best surface and little wastes. Granule fertilizers from our fertilizer granulator are popular in modern fertilizer market.

Fertilizer Granules from Fertilizer Granulator

How to make the granules more perfect ?

After fertilizer granulator granulating, most of the granules are still not strength. In order to reach the best quality, will need some other related equipment to help work after fertilizer granulator.

Fertilizer Granulator Plant Line Special Design

Fertilizer Dryer to Moisture Reduce

Generally speaking, most granules from fertilizer granulator will be in high moisture(35-40%). High moisture granule will be easy broken. In this case, we Gate Dryer for fertilizer using will better reduce the moisture from fertilizer granulator granules. It has good heating efficiency and will reduce the moisture to meet the market requirements. Hear resource for the dryer can be coal, wood, gas and electric.

Fertilizer Drying Machine

Fertilizer Cooler to Make Granule Strength

After drying, granules may be in high temperature, in order to ensure the granule not broken, it is necessary to equip one cooler machine after fertilizer granulator. It is similar to dryer machine, but no hot air input, just one fan to bring cold air into the drum. The machine can not only cooling, but also make the granules more round.

Fertilizer Cooling Machine

Fertilizer Screen Machine to Choose the Suitable Size Granules

After fertilizer granulator granulating, drying and cooling, there are always three size products output, one is large size (larger than 5mm), one is suitable size(3-5mm), one is powders. In this situation, we want to separate them together to just collect the suitable size granule from the granulator. Now one rotary screening machine for fertilizer will be suitable in this step.

Fertilizer Screen Machine

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Coating Machine

Do you want the good fertilizer surface from fertilizer granulator? Do you want to add some color from fertilizer granulator? Do you want to add some resin to make the granules more smooth from fertilizer granulator? OK, add one coating machine after fertilizer granulator and it will satisfy with your requirements.

Fertilizer Coating Machine

Fertilizer Packing Machine for Better Transporting and Easy Store

Granule from fertilizer granulator in no-cover will be easy in moisture absorption. If want to sell and long distance transportation, it is better to pack them in bags. Gate Heavy Industry has its own technology to manufacture singe bucket fertilizer packing machine and double bucket fertilizer packing machine. They can pack granules into bags in 5-50kg. PLC control will make all the process easily. Beside the machine, it has one seal equipment to help seal the bags.

Fertilizer Packing Machine

How to start the Fertilizer Factory ?

Fertilizers industry is becoming more and more popular in nowadays. Customers from all over the world would want to start this fertilizer granulator business. But how to start ? What should be done ? How to bring benefits ? For these questions from customers, Henan Gate Heavy Industry will provide detailed proposals to help start this business for fertilizer granulator in effective way.
1.Have a research in local market and find which fertilizer is popular in your place ? If possible, to check the world trend for fertilizer if you want to export.
2.If you have fully learned about the market, to confirm the factory size on your budget or some other factors.
3.Confirm the raw materials and find one place which is near to the raw materials place
4.Purchase the line and install it in suitable fertilizer granulators. Henan Gate Heavy Industry will provide you the most complete and advance fertilizer granulators and plants to meet your requirements. If required, we can send engineers to your places to help your fertilizer granulator installation and guide the workers to operate the fertilizer granulator
5.Find some buyer for your product

Plant Line Design on Fertilizer Granulator

Special Fertilizer Plant Design from Henan Gate Heavy Industry Technology Company Limited

In nowadays, there are three kinds of fertilizer granules in fertilizer market. They are organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers and BB fertilizers. To accord to the requirements in market, Henan Gate Heavy Industry has designed six plant lines to help customers to choose the fertilizer granulator.

organic fertilizer manufacturing process lines for waste processing

Organic fertilizer is popular in the world now. It is one technology to turn wastes into useful things. It is recycle and well received by customer from all over the world. If you have raw materials, we Henan Gate Heavy Industry will send you suitable fertilizer granulator and one complete project to help you.

Fertilizer Granulator Plant Line

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Plant Line

We have designed Chicken Manure fertilizer plant line to deal with materials such as bird manure and chicken manure. This design depend on flat die fertilizer granulator and is well received in some areas for special cylinder shape granule. If you have resource for Chicken manure, consider to start one with flat die fertilizer granulator.

Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator Plant Line

Organic Fertilizer Production Plant for Sale

Organic fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer production plant is mainly used for produce organic fertilizer granules. Raw Material of organic fertilizer manufacturing plant is all organic wastes, like animal manure, agriculture wastes, municipal waste, food waste, sewage sludge, industrial organic waste, etc. The main fertilizer granulator is disc granulator.

Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator Plant Line

Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

Bio organic fertilizer production plant or bio organic fertilizer manufacturing plant is mainly used for produce organic fertilizer granules. The raw materials of bio organic fertilizer production equipment are all kinds of organic wastes, we provide bio organic fertilizer production process with organic fertilizer granulator. We have adopted organic fertilizer mixing granulator in this line.

Organic Fertilizer Mixing Granulator Plant Line

Compound Fertilizer Plant line

Compound fertilizers will better increase the crop growing and add more elements to the soil. It has one large part in fertilizer market. Until now, there still many customers are working in this industry for fertilizer granulator and the capacities are always larger.

Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator Plant Design

Compound Fertilizer Plant Line with Rotary Drum Granulator

This rotary drum fertilizer granulator line is usually used for process compound materials such as urea, Dap, some rocks and other raw materials. With rotary drum granulator in the line, this line has adopt wet type granulation and the granulator capacity will larger.

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator Plant Line

NPK Fertilizer Plant Line

The main granulator in this line is double roller fertilizer granulator. With dry type granulation technology, there is no dryer and cooler in the design. Simple design for the fertilizer granulator will bring more benefits.

Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator Plant

BB Fertilizer Plant Line

BB fertilizer bulk blending NPK fertilizer production line is a kind of blended compound NPK fertilizer mixed by several single fertilizers or compound fertilizers according to certain proportion. Bulk Blending Fertilizer Plant has characters of granule uniformity, less water, granule intensity moderate, no agglomeration store, easy to use and low cost.

BB Fertilizer Plant Line
BB Fertilizer Plant Line

Why Choose Us Gate Heavy Industry as the Supplier for you ?

HENAN GATE HEAVY INDUSTRY MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a leading and professional manufacturer of fertilizer granulator machine and whole fertilizer production line in China. We are expertise in manufacturing professional equipment for fertilizer production. We believe in “Great Achievements Through Excellence!” As for management principles, we insist on High Quality, Great Mission and Extraordinary Values.

30,000 SQ.M factory, 8 factory working house, 4 exhibition hall, 200 workers for manufacturing, 20 engineers for design, 30 engineers for installation and training, 15 engineers for after sale service.

All the machines are in advance technology and plant lines design on customers’ real requirements. Actually, it is simple to start the fertilizer factory, you just need to tell me what you have and what you want, then we will afford you.

Choose Henan Gate is really a right thing in your fertilizer production project. Being partner in the future, you can better know why we are so good in this area.

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